Sweden Film Festival Selects Indian Film ‘The Complete Life’ as Finalist

Sweden Film Festival Selects Indian Film 'The Complete Life' as Finalist

New Delhi: The film ‘The Complete Life’, a collection of 10 beautiful short stories, has made its way as a finalist in the prestigious Sweden Film Festival.

The film, conceptualised by Subhash Sethi is produced by Zian Life in association with Shamiana Short Films and Directed by Saunak Mitra.

The movie brings us 10 stories about the complete journey of life and its struggles, and takes its audience through various emotions. Each story brings us realise the importance of love, integrity, values and overall goodness in the harsh world.

Sweden Film Festival, established in 1964, is one of the largest and most prestigious Film festival in Europe making it fiercely competitives for its participants.

The festival nominates films under its various categories which are selected by 45-member nominating committe. The nominating committee selects only three films for each category, and these three nominees fight for Sweden Film Awards.

The members of the comittee are big wigs of the swedish film industry and are appointed by their respective organizations or institutions, as determined by the Swedish Film Institute’s Board of Directors.

The makers of film ‘The Complete Life’ expressed their gratitude and said, “We are thrilled and feel lucky to have been a Finalist in such a prestigious Festival.”

Each story, in the 10-story collection, weaves a comfort blanket around the viewers, soaking them in the highest virtues of the good, the true, and the beautiful.

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