Pinarayi Writes to TN, Maharashtra CMs to Directly Procure Onions

Kerala Govt directly intervenes for Procurement of Onions from Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra

As the onion price hike continues to make everyone cry, the Kerala government has now intervened to protect consumers in the state. CM Pinarayi Vijayan has written to his counterparts in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu for direct procurement of vegetables from farmers of their respective states.
In Kerala, onion is being sold as high as Rs 100 per kg. The exorbitant rate of the onion amid the ongoing festival season has affected the kitchen budget of households.
Pinarayi Vijayan in his letter to Uddhav Thackarey and E Palaniswami suggested that government agencies such as Supplyco, Horticorp and Consumerfed can directly procure crops like tomato, onion and potato from the farmers.

On Monday, state agriculture minister also announced that they will source onions from NAFED and sell to people at half the market price. In an urgent meeting by the ministers of finance, civil supplies, agriculture and cooperation on Monday decided to procure 1,800 tonnes of onion from Nafed.

While Supplyco will procure 1,000 tonnes, Consumerfed and Horticop will procure 300 and 500 tonnes respectively. The government is hopeful that the distribution can begin from November 3.

The procurement will be handled by NAFED as directed by the chief minister. Pinarayi also added the central procurement scheme is also in place for direct procurement of vegetables including tomato, onion and potato.




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