Diljit Dosanjh gives a sarcastic reply to those trolling farmers for eating pizza during protest

Actor-singer Diljit Dosanjh has been actively speaking in favour of the ongoing farmers protest. The actor has been at the forefront supporting the farmer’s demands of taking back the three new farm bills.

Recently a Shalbir Singh Sandhu had organised a pizza feast for the farmers and had mentioned that those who provide the dough for pizza for the country can themselves afford to enjoy a pizza.

The move was appreciated by a few, who said that, every ingredient of a pizza is grown on a farm while some criticised the move.

One user commented, ‘’Every ingredient of those Pizzas is made by the farmers, from scratch. So go to hell everyone who thinks the farmers aren’t bloody entitled to eat them! #FarmersProtest’’. Another wrote, ‘’ree pizzas for protesting farmers, massage chairs, is this a protest or a five-Star spa? And who is paying for all this? #farmersProtestHijacked’’.



Diljit took to Twitter on Monday (December 14) and asserted his objection to those trolling the farmers. He wrote, ‘’Farmers consuming poison was never a concern but farmers eating pizza is news’’.


The reference to farmers consuming poison is from the cases where many farmers had committed suicide due to their inability to pay their debts.




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