Andhra Pradesh: Police seize gutka worth Rs 10.3 lakh

Andhra Pradesh: Police seize gutka worth Rs 10.3 lakh

Krishna district police on Friday (December 25) seized gutka worth Rs 10.3 lakh that was being transported from Kolkata to Vuyyuru town in Krishna.

Gudivada DSP Satyanandam said that, ‘’Pamarru Cl Kishore Babu, Sl Srihari Babu and thier team have intercepted a lorry based on credible information. They checked the lorry and found gutka worth more then Rs 10 lakh and 2 kg ganja’’.

Further, Ganesh from Behrampur had loaded the gutka into the lorry at Kolkata. The lorry was to leave for Vuyyuru. While he was checking the material at Pamarru, the police arrested them. Both lorry driver and buyer, K Kantarao were arrested.

The DSP added, ‘’Our police raided and arrested them. Rs 10,30,000 worth gutka, 2 kg ganja, 3 mobiles, the lorry and the vehicle of Kantarao were seized. Both the accused were arrested. Two more persons-Ganesh who loaded the stock into the lorry, and the lorry owner are yet to be arrested. Lorry owner has full knowledge of the theft. He himself had ordered the driver to go and bring the stock. Those two persons are yet to be found and arrested’’.

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